Transformative Techniques So You Can Go From “Trying to Conceive” to TRUSTING to Conceive: A Five Day Masterclass

Fertility diets, supplements, acupuncture, yoga, countless cycles of IUI or IVF. You’ve spent tons to make your dream of having a family come true.

Your doctor might have even said they can’t find anything wrong or you have “unexplained infertility”. “Just relax and it will happen,” you hear over and over again.

But you still aren’t pregnant yet. What gives??!

Your mindset, vibrational energy and deep beliefs are key to your fertility and happiness and I want to show you how to go beyond all the tangible stuff so you can start BELIEVING and TRUSTING to conceive.

Wouldn’t it feel great not to shy away from pregnant friends and stop worrying that you’ll never be a mom because you KNOW that it’s right around the corner for you?


This Trust to Conceive series brings women new ways of living with fertility issues that aren‘t often discussed.  After coaching women with fertility issues (and dealing with my own struggles), I realized that success was more than just organic food and acupuncture treatments.  Our mindset is what sets the tone for our entire journey.  I’m proof of it!  After following the practices I teach in this masterclass, we were blessed with our first pregnancy after 2 1/2 years of trying.

I know fertility costs are expensive and that’s why I’m keeping the cost low on this for only $11.00! The benefits of this five day class are HUGE and so many women have benefited from it already.

Once you make payment, you’ll receive instructions on how to best take the class along with links to five YouTube videos, each running approximately 40 minutes long. Please give 24 hours to receive your email with download from  Click Paypal button below to purchase now.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn!

Day 1 – Discover blockages on a mind, body and spirit level that can be in the way of conceiving

  • How to uncover blockages and limiting beliefs on a mind, body and spirit level.
  • What to do instead so you can surrender and release and start to foster a positive mindset to bring in your baby.

Day 2 – Heal and clear yourself of negative energy and old beliefs and prepare your body to receive life

  • How to heal and clear yourself of stagnant energy and prepare your spirit to receive life.
  • The basics of our seven chakras and which ones are most important in creating a family.

Day 3 – Create new beliefs and channel positive energy to manifest your perfect pregnancy

  • What a belief practice is and how to create one for yourself that go beyond affirmations so you can manifest your perfect pregnancy.
  • To use the Law of Attraction and improve your focus so you can manifest abundance and raise your energetic vibration.

Day 4 – Transform your fertile thoughts and desires and put them into action

  • How to transform your fertile thoughts and desires and put them into action for lasting faith and serenity.
  • How to create a powerful, personalized belief practice and mini meditation that you can tap into at anytime.

Day 5 – Connect with your future children NOW so you can trust to conceive

  • Ways to connect with your spirit babies and start a dialogue on a soul level to form a trusting bond.
  • About Distance Reiki and how you can benefit from it.

What others are saying:

“I bought this the other day and have listened to 3 sessions so far. Sometimes I back it up when you say something that extra-resonates w/ me. I give you an A+!! I love sitting back, drifting off and listening to your wise words. I know my body & husband’s body are healthy and whole. While listening, I feel excitement and a warm fuzzy feeling of knowing our rainbow baby is coming. I can easily picture all our heart’s desires. Thank you for this treat that is good for the soul.” – W.R.

“I just wanted to say thank you to Nancy Weiss. You have given me new hope. I just started with day one of your class, and by the way I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t looked into it. I just wanted to take the time to thank you.” – M.L.

“I would go for a walk in the mornings, listen to your session, come home and do it. It remotivated me, I loved your enthusiasm and trusted you. You taught me that I could believe this was going to happen as much as you did. Other groups don’t have as much energy, enthusiasm, healing, practical knowledge and practical applications all in one. Do it!” – E.D.

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